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Connecting African Innovation to the World

We are the 1st decentralised startup studio connecting African Innovation to the rest of the world.

Tailored to your business needs

We provide consultancy and services in the following areas

International Growth Strategy

Define a new vision and find growth channels.
Perform industry market research and competitors' analysis.

New Venture Building

Create a new digital unit for your company.
Incubate, scale and finance a new business internationally.

International Marketing Expansion

Design an effective brand and a visual identity to stand out.
Craft compelling communications and content strategies.

Tech, operation & sales generation

Generate business development processes.
Improve sales automation through website creation, from e-commerce to marketplace and native Apps.

Hiring & Coaching

Cover any hiring needs from interns to C-level roles searches.
Design coaching and mentoring programs better the competencies.


Our initial batch with promising startups

Feedel Africa is the subsidiary of Feedel Ventures, the Startup Studio based in Italy and has over 20 successful startups all over Europe.

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