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Connecting African Innovation to the World

We are the 1st all remote, online startup studio that is connecting African Innovation to the rest of the world.
An Idea Lab: we build and co-found new ventures.

Feedel Africa is the subsidiary of Feedel Ventures, the Startup Studio based in Italy and has over 20 successful startups all over Europe.

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What to Expect from Us

To help you create and polish your ideas, walk with you every step of the process from concept to generating revenue with our International Acclaimed team of advisors at your disposal.

Our consulting services

We provide consulting services in the following areas: Marketing, Project management, Business Development, Design, Software Development

Ongoing activities

Empowerment for sustainable development and social inclusion in Mozambique

Feedel Africa in partnership with Fondazione Aurora with funding from the EU have started a project in Mozambique that aims to create more sustainable public and private investment in Mozambique Startup Ecosystem and support micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), through incubation services and business acceleration activities

Coming soon activities

Feedel Africa Hackathon

The Hackathon will be 48 hours with the theme this year being Agritech.
The event will happen virtually.

Feedel Africa Conference

The conference will come after the Hackathon with all the stakeholders present and startups from the Hackathon will have a chance to interact with all the relevant people.


Our initial batch with promising startups

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